Bandol has a railway station on the main passenger routes from Calais, Paris, Nice & Marseilles. It can also be reached by motorail to Avignon, Marseilles or Nice. From Avignon it is about 1½ hours drive to Bandol by autoroute, from Marseilles 40 minutes, or from Nice 1½ hours drive. The nearest airports are Nice and Marseilles, from where one can drive. One can also take a shuttle bus from Marseilles Airport to Marseilles Railway Station, then local train to Bandol.

The Montée Voisin is a D-shaped narrow private road on the eastern end of the coastal road which encircles Bandol Bay. Approaching from the town, from the west, Bâtiment 3 is the last-but-one block of apartments after passing through the narrow railway tunnel below the Montée Voisin. Bandol railway station is at the western end of the town; from there it is a short taxi-ride to the apartment (the railway runs through Bandol and along the coast, actually quite close to the apartment).