Printable Property details



  1. Mme Martine Garceron will let you into the apartment , give you keys and turn on gas, water and electricity.  You should not need to touch these services afterwards.  As agreed perhaps you would ring them on your way to Bandol so that they know approximate time of arrival.
  2.  There is a big market in Bandol along the waterfront on Tuesday morning and an even bigger one at Sanary on Wednesday morning all along the harbour – both close at 1am.  Sanary is the next town, very pretty, 5 minutes around the bay en route toToulon.  There are beaches along the road down the hill from the apartment and Renecros beach is a lovely sheltered beach the other end of town from the flat – you can drive to a car park or walk- about quarter hr. You can also walk around the cliffs past Renecros to smaller, pretty, rocky bays and there are cafes for lunch en rout to Ille Rousse.  There is a short sail to the Ile de Bender which you can see from Bandol, with beach, short cliff walk and cafes.  There are also medieval villages nearby in the hills Le Castellet, La Cadiere and Ollouieles and, Aix enProvence.  There is a tourist information office on the waterfront near the bandstand.
  3. There are 2 Casino supermarkets, the one near the shops nearer to the flats is closed on Tuesdays, the one near the daily market is open on Monday but closed on Wednesday.  The vans at the end of the yachting harbour near the roundabout taking you out of town sell chips and toasted sandwiches, pizzas etc.,  Jeromes restaurant on the waterfront near the bandstand is good for lunches and you can watch the locals playing boules there from 3pm.  L’ail au  Thym on the promenade nearest to apartment and several near the market square (La Marmite) and Pauline’s in Rue Marcel are also recommended.
  4. Please pull down the shutters at front when you go out and at night for security reasons and bring in balcony chairs before you leave at the end of your holiday.  Do be careful of the through breeze if you have the French windows open at the front and the back kitchen door; it is better to prop open with chairs or shut the middle kitchen door/ bedroom doors or use corks in doors otherwise strong breeze can break glass in doors.  Do not forget to take your linen.  Please send me £20 for cleaning services before departure.
  5. If you have any problems Martine will help. Have a lovely holiday.